Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions....I know a lot of people think they are crazy. We all set goals for ourselves that after a few months are history. I'm hoping this year will be different for me. I wanted to write a blog so I am able to look back a year from now and see if I accomplished them or not.
1. Lose Weight. It is time! I have so many reasons to lose weight....but the MOST important one is for MYSELF! I'm ready to feel good about the person I am on the outside as well. I work in a profession that I constantly see the consequences unhealthy lifestyles have on our bodies. I am young without any damage done yet, it's time I make a change! It won't be easy....but I'm ready to do it!
2. Find a Church. Growing up my family went to church every Sunday. I loved that. Not only for the word of Jesus, but also for the time spent as a family. I want this for my future family. I also think it's a wonderful place to meet people! Once you are out of college, it is SO hard to meet people. I want to find a group of friends here in Tulsa. I'm hoping that finding a church will allow me to do that as well as further my relationship with Christ.
3. Love my Enemies. I seems crazy. It is something I know we all struggle with. I really want to work on it though.

Three is all I have. They are big...and will take a lot of confidence, time, motivation, and patience to accomplish........

I think I'm ready :)

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