Thursday, December 29, 2011

What a wonderful year...

As I get ready to head to Kansas City to celebrate New Year's at my best friends wedding, I can't help but think about how amazing and wonderful this year has been! God has truly blessed me! I'm going to sum up some of the big moments in my life this year, so as the years pass, I can look back and remember all of the wonderful things in my life!

First and foremost...I met Luke. It's hard to imagine that a year ago, I hardly new what was about to enter my life. Luke is amazing. He is the most caring, intelligent, wonderful man. He treats me how EVERY woman should be treated. I'm so happy he is mine...forever!

In May, we almost lost my grandmother. My Grandma is such a strong lady! They did not expect her to make it through, but she DID! She is stronger than ever and still living on her own. I thank God everyday for allowing us to be able to enjoy her longer. :)

In June of this year, I made a HUGE decision. I quit my job, left my family and friends behind, and entered a brand new city to be with the Luke. What a roller coaster ride it has been! I'm not going to say it's been easy...but I will say it's worth it. I have shed a lot of tears and spent many days missing home. Every day it gets a little bit easier. After 6 months, Tulsa is really starting to feel like my home too. I couldn't have done it without Luke's amazing family! Christy & Ashley swept me in like I had been around for years. I love them dearly and cannot imagine not having them either :)

I have experienced some huge changes in my life this year. I wouldn't change a single thing.

Here's to 2012...the year I marry my best friend! I am so excited to see what the future has in store for us. I want to thank all of you for supporting and loving me no matter what!


Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas! It was very, very busy...but so nice to be able to spend it with all of our family. Luke & I celebrated Christmas on Friday night. We made some yummy lasagna, opening presents, and watched Home Alone. :) It was the PERFECT night together!

Our Christmas tree....and Bella relaxin' after opening presents!
Luke & I Christmas eve eve night :)
little Bella
Luke & I Christmas Eve morning.
opening presents from Nana!
Uncle Luke & Landon trying to figure out his new toy.
Landon drinking some yummy OJ!
Christy, Janice, and me!
love this girl!
Macee wouldn't smile for the camera..little goober!

Christmas Eve we all went over to Luke's dad's house. We all had fun...the present opening was pure craziness with so many people! Christmas is so fun with little kiddos though...they get SO excited!
lots of presents at the Flusche house!
Matt & his awesome Christmas shirt!!
sweet Maccee & Gavin
Paul got Luke an early wedding gift...HA!
Macee feeding her new baby doll :)
My parents Christmas tree.
Luke loungin' at Grandma's :)
Grandma & me.

Hope everyone had a VERY Merry Christmas!!!! :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland!

Tonight Luke & I went to Rhema to see all the pretty Christmas lights! It's a local church here in town that goes CRAZY with Christmas lights! It was the neatest Christmas light display I have ever seen! There is path you can walk around to view the lights! We were literally walking in a winter wonderland! So fun!

Luke & was freezing!!! brr!!

so pretty!
my favorite part! the bridge!!!
here's a fun video! this is definitely a place we have to go every year! :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cookie Exchange!

My sis-in-law Ashley & her friend Tonya had a cookie exchange at Ashley's new house! Everyone is supposed to make 4 dozen cookies and then you come home with a ton of different cookies! My cookies didn't turn out so hot...oh well! We all had a good time...everything was so pretty and yummy! :) Pictures are courtesy of Ashley...hehe thanks! ;)

me & the hostess
love these girls! so lucky to have them!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fun with family!

Last weekend Luke & I went out to dinner with Marc & Christy. It's always a fun night with those two!
love her!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It's been awhile since I've blogged! This time of year is SO busy...but I LOVE it! We have been busy getting ready for Christmas and spending time with family. Our house is all decorated and ready for Christmas! :) I've had fun decorating...but I think I need a bigger house ;) I'm going to share some pictures of my Christmas decorations. The pictures are all out of order.....enjoy!
I ordered this cute little plate from etsy! I LOVE it!
Ornaments :)

christmas card holder!
our first it!

hoping for some personalized stockings for Christmas ;) mom :)
Our beautiful tree! I am so excited to spend my Christmas with Luke. I am so thankful we found each other! :) He is an amazing guy!!! :)